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Developing a 3D-Engine for the Apple ][

What's new?

  • DSK-image of an accelerator friendly version of the 3D-Engine with more complex 3D-scenes that require a load of CPU-cycles.
  • A DSK-image with V.1.10beta is available now for testing and playing around. This version is the first to contain a library that allows decoding Vortex-Tracker PT3-modules via a MockingBoard while rendering the 3D-scenes (credits: VMW Software Productions). This engine version also contains a small set of hardware detection routines (machine type, CPU and MockingBoard with #Slot-number auto detection). Requires Apple //e with 65C02 and 64k RAM. 
  • DSK-image file with the V.1.00beta 

Based on the routines of the 3D-Demo a script-controlled 3D-Engine for the Apple //e is currently under development. Some of the features of the current beta-version are demonstrated in this first sneak-peek video:


What is the 3D-Engine?


System Requirements





Running the 3D-Engine

Joystick- and Keyboard-Control

The 3D-Engine in Detail

Developing 3D-Sequences

Developing 3D-Objects