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Auswahl an Patenten

  • DE-102007046761 A1 - 09.04.2009 / 28.09.2007 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Navigation system operating method for providing route guidance for driver of car between actual position and inputted target position, involves regulating navigation system by speech output
  • EP-2042834 A2 - 01.04.2009 / 27.09.2007 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Additional digitized route information detecting and storing method for vehicle, involves storing digitized route information, and verifying whether storage of additional route information is performed using query
  • DE-102007019432 A1 - 30.10.2008 / 25.04.2007 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Control system for passenger protection systems in vehicles comprises sensors measuring force on wheels whose signals are used by processor as plausibility signal for roll-over

  • DE-102006060309 A1 - 26.06.2008 / 20.12.2006 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Method for detecting risk of rollover in vehicles comprises monitoring transverse kinetic power, potential and roll energy, any conversion of kinetic power to roll energy therefore being detected
  • DE-102006058302 A1 - 12.06.2008 / 11.12.2006 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Method for overturning detection of vehicle entails detecting overturning in dependence upon ratio of energy loss of vehicle to initial kinetic energy
  • DE-102006018029 A1 - 25.10.2007 / 19.04.2006 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Passenger protection unit controlling device, has evaluation circuit for controlling unit based on signal received by device through interface, and stability factor, where adhesion coefficient is read by interface
  • DE-102006019316 A1 - 31.10.2007 / 26.04.2006 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT, DE (BOSC-C) Restraint unit e.g. airbag, controlling device for motor vehicle, has microcontroller controlling restraint unit depending on signal and number of driving dynamics data, and supplying seat belt buckle state signal
  • DE-102005057576 A1 - 06.06.2007 / 02.12.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT, DE (BOSC-C) Device for controlling person-protection means during rolling process in vehicle, has rolling rate sensory mechanism which produces rolling rate signal
  • DE-102005052251 A1 - 03.05.2007 / 02.11.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Passenger protection roll determination procedure records transverse and height acceleration and uses them with further dynamic values and centripetal acceleration calculation to estimate vehicle roll angle
  • DE-102005054127 A1 - 16.05.2007 / 14.11.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Device for activating personal protection means in rollover event in vehicle, comprises sensor technology, evaluation circuit and first driving dynamic value, which is firstly determined
  • WO-2007033853 A1 - 29.03.2007 / 20.09.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Person protection unit triggering device for use during rolling process, has integrator configured such that integration of rolling rate into angle begins/ends, when rolling rate exceeds/falls below respective threshold values
  • DE-102005040787 A1 - 01.03.2007 / 29.08.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT, DE (BOSC-C) Vehicle driving condition evaluating method, involves detecting and evaluating instinctive and/or subconscious and/or irrational body reaction of passenger, and evaluating actual driving condition as critical driving condition
  • DE-102005033937 A1 - 25.01.2007 / 19.07.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT, DE (BOSC-C) Process and device to control passenger airbags uses pre-crash alogrithm and signal from acceleration algorithm through change in their threshold values to activate airbags
  • DE-102005024723 A1 - 07.12.2006 / 31.05.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT, DE (BOSC-C) Motor vehicle`s overrunning movement plausibling method involves comparing actual staggering pivot point and other possible pivot points with predetermined threshold value, and plausibling overrunning movement, if value is exceeded
  • DE-102005023183 A1 - 23.11.2006 / 19.05.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT, DE (BOSC-C) System for predicting rollover risk for vehicle by monitoring one or more dynamic properties and applying time extrapolation
  • WO-2006094856 A1 - 14.09.2006 / 11.03.2005 BOSCH GMBH ROBERT (BOSC-C) Method for roll angle determination for occupant protection devices entails sensing of transverse acceleration and vertical acceleration of vehicle, and estimating roll angle of vehicle based on these accelerations