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Happy 40th Birthday Apple ][!

The Apple ][ is getting 40 years old now in April 2017. See the section 3D-Demo to learn about a small demo program I have developed celebrating this important birthday!

Since the days I was a school kid, I was fascinated by the Apple ][ series computers. This passion is still alive and as being a major hobby of mine, I decided to devote a part of my personal website to these excellent machines.

On the following pages I want to present some old and current projects related to the Apple ][.

The following systems are currently up and running:

  • Apple ][gs ROM 03 with TransWarp gs
  • Apple //e 
  • Apple //e enhanced Platinum
  • Aloha 50 (an Apple ][+-clone)

I am still searching for other system configuration in order to complete my collection.