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Identify ][ - Automatic Hardware Detection

What's new?

Thx to Daniel Henderson's comprehensive beta testing we are able to release now the first version of Identify ][ into the wild.

Identify ][ is a simple tool that let's you scan and analyse any of the computers of the Apple II family in less than 20 seconds and gain some insight in installed features. Emulators are supported as well.

  • Download a DSK-image of the new Identify ][ automatic hardware detection tool for the Apple ][ family of computers.


  • Machine detection
  • CPU detection
  • RAM detection (supports: RamWorks and Saturn memory expansion boards as well as Language Card detection)
  • Screen refresh rate detection
  • FastChip //e and ZIPChip detection
  • Emulator detection
  • Joystick detection
  • Z80 detection
  • Slot scanning and identification of known interface cards

Known Limitations:

  • No RAM-disk support yet (to be included)
  • No detection of modern video cards or monitors
  • No detection of TransWarp GS and ZIPgsx yet (to be included)
  • A Saturn Card in Slot #0 can mess up correct RAM detection
  • No detection of Apple II clones yet (to be included)
  • And a lot of not yet known side effects and bugs...

If you have any information on how to detect a certain card or if something is missing or not working properly on your setup please let me know!