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Developing a 3D-Engine for the Apple ][

Release of 3D-Engine V.1.10

On August, 1st 8-Bit-Shack has released V.1.10 of the 3D-Engine into the wild! A self-running demo of this release is also available as DSK-image for use on real wood or with an emulator!


  • 3D-scene rendering engine controlled by user defined script
  • Up to 8 3D-objects per scene with individual rendering settings
  • 3D-rendering engine features:

    • simple and fast wireframe mode
    • hidden line algorithm
    • high-quality wireframe mode
    • rasterfill algorithm for coloured surfaces
    • 3D-object clipping
    • painter algorithm with object sorting according to the viewpoint distance
    • fast undraw algorithm
    • double buffering for flicker reduction
    • physics engine for evaluating the motion equations 

  • PT3-music file decoder and player for music playback via a MockingBoard
  • Automatic hardware detection on startup with setting of individual algorithm parameters.
  • System requirements:

    • Min: 6502 CPU @1 MHz, 64kB RAM (min. Apple ][+)
    • supports Apple //e, //c or IIgs resulting in better visual appearance
    • supports FastChip and ZipChip
    • MockingBoard for music playback (optional)

Based on the routines of the 3D-Demo a script-controlled 3D-Engine for the Apple ][ computers is currently under development. The following video shows the self-running demo of the 3D-Engine release V.1.10 (using the Virtual ][ emulator and afterwards on real wood):