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Minesweeper in Double LORES

Virtual II version
Virtual II version
AppleWin version

We are happy to present a Minesweeper port in Double LORES for the Apple //e and IIgs. The perfect port was done by Daniel Henderson using the Magic Pixels library by Roby Sherman and runs on real wood as also in most emulators.

There are two versions available. The first version (DSK-image) is a compiled AppleSoft program that was done with TASC and shows good performance under 1 MHz system speed. The second version (DSK-image) is the original AppleSoft version which runs also nicely in native speed.

As version two runs on every system we are sad to remark that version one does not work properly under Virtual II emulation. So Minesweeper can only be enjoyed in the standard AppleSoft version with Virtual II!

There are three levels of increasing difficulty to master to be rewarded a special winning screen at the end!